I’ve been running workshops on how to use various technologies effectively for teaching since 1993. I have a reputation for delivering quality workshops that are practical and relevant. But don’t just take my word for it – read what workshop participants say. All workshops can be delivered face-to-face, via videoconference or online. For pricing or other information, please contact me.

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Available Workshops

  • Introduction to Teaching by Videoconference
  • Effective Videoconference Teaching
  • Getting to Know Web Conferencing
  • Great Webinar Teaching

Scroll down for details on each workshop.

Videoconference Teaching Workshops

Workshop Description
Introduction To Teaching By Videoconference

Workshop length: 1 day or 2×3 hour sessions

Conducted face-to-face or via video conference

A workshop designed for those who have little or no experience with videoconferencing. It will give an overview of videoconferencing and how it can be used for teaching; cover ways to get your message across effectively through the use of well-designed visuals; explore creative ways of conveying messages visually and engaging students. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of videoconferencing: what is videoconferencing, tips & techniques
  • Thinking visually: screen graphics, camera shots, body language, dress
  • Engaging students: learning & teaching, levels of interaction
Effective Videoconference Teaching 

Workshop length:

  1. 2 days
  2. 4×3 hour sessions
  3. 4-6 weeks

This workshop can be delivered in 3 ways:

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Via videoconference
  3. Online
A comprehensive workshop on designing courses for videoconference delivery & activities for videoconference lessons. In this workshop participants will learn how to create and/or adapt existing courses and materials for effective videoconference delivery. This workshop is especially good for those who have little or no experience with videoconference teaching. During the workshop participants also prepare & present a 10 minute mini-lesson via videoconference. All those successfully completing the workshop will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.The online course is designed to be undertaken by groups with an in-house facilitator. It combines:

  • Online content and activities
  • Video streaming
  • Videoconferences
  • Hands-on activities in your videoconference facility

It is usually conducted over a 4-6 week period but can be offered as an intensive course over less time.

Web Conferencing Workshops

Workshop Description
Getting To Know Web Conferencing

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Conducted via webinar

A basic workshop for those who have little or no experience with web conferencing. It will explain how web conferencing works and how it can be used. Topics covered include:

  • What is web conferencing?
  • Equipment needed
  • How web conferencing can be used
  • Simple techniques
Great Webinar Teaching

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Conducted via webinar

This workshop will show you techniques that can enhance your webinar teaching. Topics covered include:

  • Effective visuals
  • Interactive techniques
  • Using built-in features
  • Humanising and feedback


Some of my workshops are available for licence into your organisation. This means you can run them as many times as you like for just one fee. Please contact me for more information.

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