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Who do educators follow on Twitter?

As part of my doctoral research I surveyed educators about the people they choose to follow on Twitter. Those who completed the online survey indicated that they follow a variety of people ranging from celebrities (n=18, 15.3%) and students (n=18, 15.3%) to family and friends (n=65, 55.1%), peers (n=80, 67.8%), experts (n=97, 82.2%) and colleagues […]

History of Social Media

Here’s an interesting infographic on the history of social media dating back to the 1700s! Thanks to Skloog for this. Click here to enlarge.

Top 10 Web 2.0 tools for small business

Photo from Flickr by Ben Sheldon What were the top 10 Web 2.0 tools for small business in 2010? What are your favourite Web 2.0 tools? If you run, or work in, a small business, please share your favourite Web 2.0 tools. These may be tools you use for promoting your business, tools that help […]

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

I just stumbled across this excellent blog post listing a number of social media terms & their meanings – a great resource. It covers everything from API to Zoomr. While you’re there – download the presentation in which HubSpot has compiled over 50 original marketing charts and graphs on topics including Lead Generation, Blogging and […]

Track your social media mentions

After my presentation at the ICSP conference on last week, someone shared a tool for tracking mentions of your brand/name on social media – but couldn’t remember the exact name. I’ve tracked it down and it’s Social Mention. It’s a real-time social media search and analysis tool – free to use of course. You can go to the […]

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