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Why ban Facebook at work?

Should Facebook be banned at work? If this is a topic you’ve been grappling with, the video below might help to shape your thinking. Dr Nicola Millard speaks about her frustration with organisations who recruit via social networks only then to block these in their work. She highlights the irony that they are banning the […]

Social Media and Cyber Security

Click here to watch a great video on Social Media and Cyber Security. Here’s the overview: It’s no secret that whenever we go online, we face security threats. But, with the growing use of social media tools and applications, whether at home or in the office, are we introducing a whole new set of security […]

Guide to responding to web mentions

If you haven’t had time to put together your social media policy, the following might help you to assemble a quick guide to responding to mentions of your organisation. This US Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment gives a great overview of how to deal with good and bad mentions. Click here to download a […]

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