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Beyond images

Who’d want a flat picture when you can easily create rich images with music, video, sound and text built in? ThingLink is a site which allows you to bring your images to life with music, video, text, images, shops and more. They say: Every image contains a story and ThingLink helps you tell your stories. Follow image […]

Caption your own images provides dynamic images that you can add captions to and customise. It’s as easy as typing some text and the site then puts this onto the image you have chosen. Rather than tell you in words – here are two I made in a matter of moments. (Click here to make your own.)

Royalty Free Photos

There are many places that you can find royalty free photos. I’ve listed some below – please use the comment section to share any you know. There are many available under creative commons licence on flickr. A tool I find useful to search flickr is flickrcc. It’s a simple online tool that will search for […]

Use Photofunia to make great promo pics

Photofunia is a great little online app that will let you put your face (or any photo) in a range of places. All you do is choose the ‘effect’ you want & then upload a photo of your face. You get the choice of downloading the new photo, making it an avatar or publishing it. […]

Using Creative Commons photos

Now that you know about Creative Commons (see previous post), here’s a little tool that will help you find fabulous photos on flickr. (If you’re not sure what flickr is – I’ll write about that in the next post.) Thanks to Dan Coulter for something he calls Simple CC flickr Search. Here’s how it works….. […]

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