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Coded Messages (QR codes)

You’ve probably seen those funny little square bar codes popping up in magazine ads, posters, online and even on business cards. They’re called QR codes and they look like this: They’re pretty cool and can contain a whole stack of information. QR stands for “quick response” and they were created in 1994 by a subsidiary […]

Social Media workshops

Broadreach is hosting a social media seminar and workshop in Sydney on December 17, 2010. This inspiring seminar and workshop will address how you can apply social media in your business. Should I use social media in my business? What are the most appropriate social media tools? How do I design a social media strategy? […]

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

I just stumbled across this excellent blog post listing a number of social media terms & their meanings – a great resource. It covers everything from API to Zoomr. While you’re there – download the presentation in which HubSpot has compiled over 50 original marketing charts and graphs on topics including Lead Generation, Blogging and […]

How can Social Media benefit your business?

We had a great session on social media at the ICSP breakfast this morning. I can’t relay all the wonderful ideas from the panel or the discussion we had, but here are some links. Read about the V Australia tweeting campaign (4320 LA) here, go to the 4320 LA site or watch the video highlights […]

Social Media presentation & workshop

In August I have the pleasure of presenting a series of breakfasts and workshops for International Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) in Brisbane (10th), Sydney (11th) & Melbourne (12th). The breakfast presentation will address the topic : How can Social Media benefit our business? A recent Nielsen report found that 70% of all Australian businesses intend […]

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