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Create Your Own PLN workshop resources

These are the resources from my workshop in Berlin – feel free to share them. Below are the slides followed by links to the resources we discussed in the workshop. Create Your Own PLN from Carol Skyring Below are two of the most often used PLN diagrams & their source. Couros, A. (2006). Examining the […]

Social Media Workshop Links

As this post becomes public, I’m running an Introduction to Social Media workshop for the Warringah Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Below are the links I’ve mentioned in the workshop – click through to your heart’s content! If you’d like to do the workshop online you can have access for 30 days for $30 – […]

Why ban Facebook at work?

Should Facebook be banned at work? If this is a topic you’ve been grappling with, the video below might help to shape your thinking. Dr Nicola Millard speaks about her frustration with organisations who recruit via social networks only then to block these in their work. She highlights the irony that they are banning the […]

Social Media presentation & workshop

In August I have the pleasure of presenting a series of breakfasts and workshops for International Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) in Brisbane (10th), Sydney (11th) & Melbourne (12th). The breakfast presentation will address the topic : How can Social Media benefit our business? A recent Nielsen report found that 70% of all Australian businesses intend […]

Links from Sydney WNA lunch

Below are links from the Sydney lunch presentation Social Networking – How to Build Your Business Using FREE Online Tools. You can join the on-going discussion by clicking the ‘Reply to topic’ button on the WNA Facebook page. My videoconference blog that I referred to is here. I’ve included links below to my online presences […]

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