Occasionally websites become defunct – apologies if this applies to any below.

AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer – resources to effectively use Internet and videoconferencing.

Centre for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) – lots of resources for K-12 plus a database for finding videoconference excursion programs.

Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPSpace) is a global large scale directory and professional network of educators for videoconferencing project collaboration.

Global Nomads Group – Global Nomads Group creates education programs and media about global issues for youth. Using interactive technologies in the classroom, such as live video-conferencing and multi-media videos, young people from around the world learn about and discuss the global issues that affect their lives.

Human Productivity Lab –  a collection of resources about telepresence.

Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance – a variety of information about the collaborative communications industry.

Polycom’s education page – a range of resources from Polycom including the Content Searchable Database where you can find programs from content providers such as zoos and museums that offer ISDN or IP based videoconferencing.

RADVISION Glossary – this glossary is on the technical side but has good definitions of the terms used in videoconferencing.

SWING – The Southeastern Wisconsin Instructional Network Group.

TANDBERG’S education page – a range of resources from TANDBERG.

Telepresence Options –  this site has all the latest Telepresence news, research and analysis

The Presenters’ University – good general information about presentation techniques.

TWICE – Two Way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE) is Michigan’s organization for videoconferencing in K-12 education. TWICE promotes and supports collaborative connections for the benefit of all students.

University of Plymouth – information about technology in education. Also hosts a listserv for distance education.

Videoconferencing Cookbook –  a comprehensive guide to using videoconferencing.

Visual Communication Community – a Ning group for educators to share thoughts, resources & ideas about visual communication.

WMnet Videoconference Guides – online guides to videoconferencing – one on basics and one for teachers.


Ask Me About Video Communication – BJ West from Interchange Technologies (a TANDBERG reseller) writes this blog.

BlankenBlogger – Ruth Blankenbaker is the executive director of the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. Her blog focuses on musing about videoconferencing and collaborative technologies within the CILC Community.

CILC Blog – This is the new group blog (launched 2011) for the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration.

Dan Gross – Dan is the Executive Director for a regional distance learning network – using communications technology to connect schools, colleges, universities, libraries, zoos and museums to one another in a variety of ways. His blog covers topics around teaching and learning, and as he works a lot with videoconferencing, it often features in posts.

The Distance Blog – A blog about Distance Learning and ways your classroom can benefit from video conferencing by Cheryl Tice.

El Paso ISD – written by Ashton Graham who manages the videoconferencing program in the El Paso Independent School District – training teachers how to integrate videoconferencing into their curriculum.

Elevate – blog for the Elevate conference in Canada – Reaching New Heights in Educational Videoconferencing.

Got Videoconferencing? – By Andrea Israeli, Distance Learning Coordinator, Queens, New York.

Joan Roehre’s Blog on Educational Videoconferencing – A kiosk and portal to comments and thoughts related to educational videoconferencing. It’s also a resource for best practices and colleague brain-sharing.

Interactive Videoconferencing @ University School – by Scott Merrick. About everything we do at University School of Nashville, a thriving independent K12 school on the edge of urban Nashville, Tennessee-everything, that is, having to do with interactive videoconferencing. Here I’ll attempt to celebrate our efforts, chronicle our travails, and link to resources about IVC.

Learning is Messy – Blog – Brian Crosby is a fifth grade teacher at Agnes Risley School in Sparks, Nevada. He has a number of posts about videoconferencing with Skype.

Polycom Grant Assistance Program – This Program is designed to support any public sector customer in researching and securing alternative funding sources.

TWICE News & Views – this is the blog of Two Way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE) – Michigan’s organization for videoconferencing in K-12 education.

VC Rox – K-12 Videoconferencing in Texas by Roxanne Glasser.

Video Over Enterprise – A blog from RADVISION written by Sagee Ben-Zedeff.

Video Conferencing for Learning – A blog by Mina Patel, Chair of the (UK) VC Partnerships Group.

Videoconference blog – From Via3 – this link takes you to the education posts.

Videoconferencing Out on a Lim – Experiences, curriculum thoughts, new resources, and technology rants related to K12 videoconferencing from Janine Lim.

The Wired Classroom – Rebecca Morrison is the Videoconference Coordinator for Cooperating School Districts in St. Louis, Missouri. Her blog reflects the activites of Cooperating School District’s Virtual Learning Center.

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