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How often have you been in a videoconference that was a disaster? How good are your videoconferences? There’s always room for improvement. Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Great Videoconferences gives an easy to understand overview of videoconferencing and is filled with hints and tips that will improve your videoconferences.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Great Videoconferences contains 75 pages of tips and information about video conferencing. It is designed for general use and also covers meeting and interview techniques. It’s a compilation of the four eBooks below.

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“Great” Videoconference series of eBooks


This series of booklets covers all aspects of video conferencing and how you can use it effectively in your organisation. They not only cover the basics of video conferencing, but how to employ effective strategies to ensure you meet your objectives. Titles are:

– Videoconferencing: The Basics
– Great Videoconference Meetings
– Great Videoconference Interviews
– Great Videoconference Visuals

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Free Stuff

The following resources are available free of charge. Some are available for download in PDF or online, while for others you’ll be asked for your email address and the resource will be emailed to you. We respect your privacy and will not share your details (see our privacy policy).

Articles and Papers

Below are a number of papers & articles Carol has written over time. When you click on the title you’ll be able to read them online as well as download them. Access all articles.

21st Century Students

Are We There Yet?

Be There But Don’t Go

Choosing Learning Technologies

eCollaboration: Convergence of Technology & People

eCollaboration: What is it & how can it be used?

Extend Your Classroom

Is Teleteaching Different?

Is This the Year?

IT Tools for the Future

Not Yet There, Virtually

Now we’re Getting a Clearer Picture

Telepresence: What impact will it really have?

Where Will We Go Today?

The Nature of Interaction in Educational Videoconferencing – Carol’s Masters thesis from 1998.

Web Conferencing eBook

WEB CONFERENCING: Everything you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask!
This 10-page eBook is a clearly explained overview of web conferencing and how it can be used.
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Videoconference Tip Sheets

The following Tip sheets are in PDF and will be emailed to you as a set:

  • Good Camera Shots
  • Good Visuals
  • Meeting Tips
  • Managing Multipoints
  • Tips for Presenters
  • Tips for Interviewees
  • Tips for Interviewers

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Useful Websites

Useful blogs and websites about videoconferencing are listed here.

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