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How long do educators spend on Twitter?

My doctoral research on the use of microblogging for professional learning showed that the largest number of respondents indicated that they spend 4-6 hours per week using microblogging (n=38, 31.9%) closely followed by 1-3 hours per week (n=35, 29.4%). However, there are some educators who are spending more than 20 hours per week microblogging. The […]

Microblogging to support your own and others’ learning

My doctoral research on the use of microblogging for professional learning uncovered a set of microblogging activities and behaviours that can be categorised into those that support educators’ own learning and those that support the learning of others. These are overviewed in the table below: Category Activity/behaviour Support own learning Follow a link posted by […]

Educators’ microblogging activities

My recent doctoral research investigated the types of activities that are undertaken by educators using various microblogging platforms. There were 12 activities most commonly exhibited: Share a resource e.g., website, book, video Follow a link posted by someone in your network Read activity updates of others in your network Save a resource posted by someone […]

Who do educators follow on Twitter?

As part of my doctoral research I surveyed educators about the people they choose to follow on Twitter. Those who completed the online survey indicated that they follow a variety of people ranging from celebrities (n=18, 15.3%) and students (n=18, 15.3%) to family and friends (n=65, 55.1%), peers (n=80, 67.8%), experts (n=97, 82.2%) and colleagues […]

Twitter as a professional learning tool

My recent doctoral research into the use of Twitter as a professional learning tool found that the group of educators in the study believe microblogging to be a valuable professional learning tool and they undertake various activities in order to support their own learning and the learning of others in their network. All participants in […]

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