Here’s what clients and colleagues say about Carol and LearnTel.

What workshop participants say

“LearnTel videoconferencing training was one of the most successful training programs I have ever undertaken. The combination of theory and hands on activities allowed the participants to practice, have fun and learn. The presenter, Carol Skyring was extremely well organised, thoroughly knowledgeable and her delivery was very professional. With Carol’s extensive training experience she was able to gauge the skills of her audience and to pace the training to suit the client needs.” – Andrew Pratt, Head Teacher, General Education & Equity Services, TAFE NSW, New England Institute.

“These workshops helped me not only understand the world of blogs but gave me the confidence to have a go at one.” – Sally White Queensland Ambulance Service.

“LTUG’s workshops offer great professional development opportunities to enable me to keep abreast with new developments in learning technologies.” – Kerry Russo Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE.

“Both teaching and academic development staff were impressed with the quality of LearnTel’s training program and materials. We feel really strongly supported in our off-campus delivery.” – Professor Bruce King, Director, Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia.

What clients say

“I was extremely impressed with the prompt and businesslike manner with which LearnTel dealt with our University. Carol went out of her way to make sure we got what we needed on a timeline that suited our requirements.” – Professor Bruce King, Director, Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia.

“Carol has the ability to make it easy to access, utilise and understand new learning technologies. Her training has enabled Toowoomba Education Centre to take the next steps and become comfortable offering these training options to our students.” Bernadette Gowans, Manager – Government & Community Development, Toowoomba Education Centre.

“Over the last 5 years, LearnTel has designed and delivered quality professional development courses for our University, particularly focussing on videoconferencing. I appreciate the personal, practical approach to learning.” – Dr Jeanne McConachie, Director, Division Teaching and Learning Services, Central Queensland University.

“LearnTel has provided professional advice and assistance to UTAS on videoconference matters over many years, and that imput has been much valued and acted on.” – Kel Jackson, Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, University of Tasmania.

“The skills I gained from the LearnTel training sessions have given me the confidence to use videoconferencing to induct staff across the North West of NSW, to teach students in isolated locations, to run meetings over a number of locations and to support other teachers using videoconferencing for distance teaching.” – Andrew Pratt, Head Teacher, General Education & Equity Services, TAFE NSW, New England Institute.

“LearnTel has provided generous support to our first foray into videoconferencing. The workshops, materials, training manuals and support have been fantastic. LearnTel has been flexible and has tailored its service to our needs.” – Jenny Bird & Lee Dunn, Teaching and Learning Centre, Southern Cross University.

“Videolinq has been involved with LearnTel for over 10 years. During that time we continue to enjoy a consistent, rich and meaningful exploration of how people learn using learning technologies. LearnTel focuses on the people component of the learning technology equation, enriching our understanding and our practictioners knowledge and experience.” – Paul Crosisca, Manager Videolinq, TAFE Qld.

“The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) have found the training sessions provided by LearnTel to be so comprehensive that they are now a regular part of our professional development. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the presenters about video conferencing techniques has enabled our staff to develop their confidence in delivering education support using this medium. We are very grateful for the outstanding service they provide and look forward to enrolling on the next course to keep improving our technical and educational skills.” – Alison Hawkins- Bond, Remote Early Learning Program Coordinator, RIDBC.

“Carol Skyring has an impressive track record in disseminating and encouraging appropriate uses of new technologies, learning and teaching in the higher education and corporate sectors. Carol understands the changing, demanding contexts of higher education; her workshops and presentations are up-to-date, lively and engaging, and she supports academics learning to use new technologies such as videoconferneing, with equal measures of humour and care.” – Kim McShane, The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL), The University of Sydney.

What colleagues say

“LearnTel is recognised for their independent professional expertise in emerging technologies for the delivery of quality learning outcomes. Carol and the team know their stuff. If you’re looking for independent advice on the design and delivery of telelearning programs, then LearnTel is a great choice.” – Kevin Mackin, Director, WebEx Australia Pty Ltd.

“Whygo has been working with LearnTel for the past 3 years. Through LearnTel’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the conferencing market, Whygo has been armed to assess the opportunities and threats to our business in a more concise and simplified manner. This has been priceless to the business and an integral part in growth and planning. Thank you!” – James Matthews, CEO Whygo Videoconferencing.

“As collaboration technologies proliferate making the selection of an appropriate solution more complicated, it’s great to know that an organization like LearnTel can provide advice, training and consulting tailored to the specific needs of its customers.” – Anne Hudson, CEO, Grouputer Solutions.

“Over more than a decade I have turned to LearnTel as Australia’s most valuable source of information and expertise about using communications technology in business and government. They know the industry and the products….. but more importantly, they know about people and how technology can be used effectively in real settings. My projects have ranged from simple point-to-point needs to multimillion dollar projects. I can recommend LearnTel without hesitation!” – Anton Donker, Principal, I-T-IQ Pty Ltd.

“As a conferencing provider to corporates, Carol’s insights and relationships within the audio & web conferencing market have been invaluable to our business. Her passion for her topic is evident in her training and presentation style and LearnTel has been a huge contributor to Premiere Global Services in the education and awareness of web conferencing as an educational and collaborative tool in the workplace.” – Joanne Rigby, Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific – Premiere Global Services .

“I have known Carol for over 10 years in a professional capacity in the conferencing and collaboration industries and come to respect her considerable knowledge and expertise in these industries. She and her company, LearnTel, are certainly leaders in the use of eCollaboration tools and application of (video) conferencing to distance learning and training. We both served on the Australasian Teleconferencing Association (ATA) board together for several years.” – Don Kordick, Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific, Compunetix.

education.au limited has had the pleasure of working in partnership with LearnTel for over three years. education.au limited chose LearnTel because of its high quality delivery of expertise with video services and event organisation. LearnTel is renowned for sound project management, organisation and working professionally. education.au limited has benefited from LearnTel’s background and expertise in education both at the learning and practical teacher levels. These skills are combined with an excellent understanding of the use of technology as an interactive information and communication medium. I commend LearnTel to you as a company for today and the future, expert in using technology and managing events.” – Gerry White, CEO, education.au limited 27th July, 2006.

What our event delegates say

“This conference is highly recommended for not just Australian educators, but anyone interested in learning about the future of education. A superb experience!” – Prof. E. Tywoniak, Chair, Department of Communication Saint Mary’s College of California, USA.

“A really well organised and useful conference. Anybody interested in using technology to enhance their delivery should attend this event.” – Maxine Griffiths, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE.

“The conference was a fantastic experience! An experience that EVERYONE (in industry and education – junior, senior, tertiary, vocational, etc.) should endeavour to participate in.” – Gillian C. Smith, Southern QLD Institute of TAFE.

“The conference was a real eye opener! … This conference is a real credit to the organisers and a huge benefit to the participants. Thanks!” – Peta Hill, Central Queensland Institute of TAFE Workplace Training Officer.

“The friendly welcome and diversity of delegates truly made mixing business and social interaction an absolute pleasure.” – Christopher Topp Director of IT Luther College.

“This conference makes an important contribution to developing the learning technologies community of practice. It is really worthwhile to go to a conference that is at the forefront of both innovation and collaboration, as this one was.” – Philippa Seaton, Griffith University.