The first time Carol Skyring taught was age 4 – when she lined up her dolls and teddy bears and took her place at the front of the ‘schoolroom’. Her family don’t know how this came about as, living on a farm, she’d had no exposure to a schoolroom. Perhaps she was just born to teach!

Carol has been sharing her knowledge and passion ever since – first as a school teacher; then as a manager and team leader; later as a mentor to emerging business women; and more recently as a speaker and workshop facilitator. In addition to her speaking and workshops, Carol has written numerous articles and white papers along with several books and eBooks.

Carol holds a Diploma of Teaching, a Bachelor of Education, a Graduate Diploma of Distance Education and a Masters of Education (Research) – her thesis investigated the nature of interaction in educational video conferencing. She is in the final stages of her Doctor of Education thesis in which she has researched the use of microblogging for professional learning.

Carol has been at the helm of LearnTel for over 15 years. She can:

  • Help you make the right decision about which Web 2.0 tools to use.
  • Improve your use of Web 2.0 tools.
  • Keep you informed about developments in new Web 2.0 tools.
  • Link you with other Web 2.0 users to share knowledge and ideas.
  • Bring a range of professional development programs to you.

Carol does this through speakingworkshops, resources and consultancy services.

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