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Web conferencing solutions

There are quite a few new web conferencing providers in the market. It’s a while since I had a good look at what’s available, so I thought I’d share my findings. If you’re a large organisation you’ll buy into a solution that you can host yourself or is provided at a bulk rate. Below are solutions and prices (USD) for smaller organisations. Please note this is accurate as at 15 November 2012.

If you’re not sure what web conferencing is, read this article on Wikipedia. A presentation via web conferencing is commonly called a webinar.

Below are just some of the solutions available. I’ve only listed those solutions with prices listed on their website – there are more listed on the Wikipedia page. I haven’t listed the larger enterprise solutions like Adobe Connect, Blackboard (Elluminate), Lotus Live and Microsoft (Lync).

I’m not recommending any in particular – some I’m not familiar with and will continue to try them out. Those with * I’ve personally used. They each include different features so you’ll need to do your own research on what’s best for your situation.

*AnyMeeting: free with ads or 25 attendees per session = $17.99/month

BigBlueButton: free, open source – not for the novice

BrightTalk: gives you a whole ‘channel’ = from $150/month

Calliflower: 70 attendees per session = $29.99/month

Fuzebox: 15 attendees = $144/yr or $15/month

*GoToMeeting: 25 attendees per session = $468/yr or $49/month

MegaMeeting: from $39/month

Mikogo: 25 attendees per session = $24/month

OpenMeetings: free, open source – not for the novice

ShowDocument: unlimited attendees = $49/month

*Skype: free – not true web conferencing but amazing what you can do with the screen sharing function

Via3: unlimited attendees = $29.99/month

VSee: $9/user/month

Visimeet: 99 attendees per session = $29/month

*Webex: 1 host & 25 attendees per session = $65/month

*WizIQ: from $19/month

Zoho: 25 attendees per session = $24/month


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